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Personal Injury Attorneys, Miami

The more experienced the lawyer in a personal injury case, the better the lawyer will know how to manage the case and determine what it is worth. At The Law Office of Frank L. Hollander, we leverage decades of personal injury legal experience to assure that every client receives the full value of our representation.
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At The Law Office of Frank L. Hollander, we know what it takes to handle difficult personal injury cases.

Since 1988, we have focused our efforts on personal injury — representing people who have been harmed physically or financially by others. Our attorneys do not represent big businesses.

  • We have the knowledge of medicine. Right after an accident, it can be difficult to understand the full extent of injuries. We understand the long and painful recovery from burn injuries, the uncertainty and confusion of brain and head injuries, the complications that can occur with fractures, and the life-long needs of spinal and back injury patients.

  • Our attorneys are experienced trial lawyers. We are often able to negotiate fair settlements early in a case, because the other side knows we have extensive trial experience. We have lawyers at The Law Office of Frank L. Hollander with hundreds of trials to their credit.

  • We have the resources to support complex cases. The more complicated the case, the more resources it requires. Because of our experience, we have a wide and deep network of experts we can call on for expert testimony about the current and future medical needs of our clients, the standard of care required in medical malpractice and birth injury cases, the economic impact of serious injuries, and the engineering and physics aspects of accidents.
We represent clients in truck crash and auto accident cases, clients injured because of dangerous premises, clients who have been harmed by dangerous products including pharmaceutical products and medical devices.
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