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Dear Mr. Hollander (Frank):
Thank you very much for filing and winning the court order, today, with the important amendments for our case. We appreciate it very much and feel that we could not accomplish this in a short time, without your expert help! Regarding what our future expectations should be -- I will check with Sara and get back with you, and, hopefully we will cross that bridge when we get there and also with your help. Right now we're standing by for the process per your advice and instructions. Keep up the good work....! Thank you and best regards.
- Ted & Sara M
I've had a chance to meet a wonderful lawyer Frank who is very professional, fixes every situation and is expert in his field. My experience with him is excellent. He is organized, on-time, responses quickly, is very dedicated and hard-working. Absolutely would recommend to anyone who is dealing with legal problems. Thank you!
- Mariam
My experience with Frank was over all excellent, very professional, as soon as he took my case I move forward in court, I started to see results,(he got in court and put everybody in their place**feels good**) my case took shape in no time . He personally answered all my calls, emails from the beginning answering my Doubts, fears thru this horrible, difficult times when I was unrepresented.. I made the right decision to hired Frank and I couldn't be more satisfied for what he has done for us ** seeking justice**, enforce mine and my daughters legal rights against my wife's attorneys. I live in Barranquilla, Colombia and thank to his immediate intervention, I can see myself around my 2 girls which are the only 2 alive after a horrible accident where my middle daughter render paraplegic after the accident and my 7 year old only boy died when my ex boyfriend rear-ended a tractor trailer on the expressway. THANK YOU FRANK..
- Francisco L.
Left Florida to live in Alabama. My nightmare started when I called Upickup Movers LLC. Their booking people are well-trained in how to take vulnerable and I'm one of them. All loaded up I started getting more estimates that over-doubled the first one. Since I physically was in AL I had email/phone contacts. I refused to pay extra charges so they started immediately charging me 1K/day storage, then they were going to sell my contents. Had to find a lawyer to take my case and only one firm called and said, "Mrs. Carr, Call Hollender Associates, Biscayne Blvd, Miami - they will take care of your problem!". Next morning Mr. Frank Hollender called me. Went over what happened. Next thing I knew, Attorney Shawn Hairston Esq, an associate of this company called me. I found Shawn to be a very compassionate, caring attorney. He told me what he needed, and I faxed it all to him. This started on a Thursday. He kept me posted all the way and I was so relieved feeling this guy is going to fix things up for me. By the following Tuesday Shawn told me he had an agreement.Shawn Hairston is the SUPER LAWYER of all lawyers. He's aggressive, meticulous and I want you, Shawn Hairston to know if I ever need a lawyer again, no matter where I live, I will call you.
- Esther C.
I am so very pleased with the outcome of my legal problem after hiring Frank Hollander. . All of my money was appropriately refunded in ful within 1 week after Frank stepped in. He is a highly competent, qualified, resoponsive, tenacious and effective lawyer who was well worth his reasonable fee. If you have a problem that he can handle, you should retain him. You will get favorable results quickly
- Chariece
Thank you Frank Hollander and Mark Dienstag for your superior legal advice and services. After more than 20 months of litigation defending our inheritance, our situation has been resolved to our satisfaction. As has been the case through this entire ordeal, Frank handled the closing in such a professional way and could reference anything about our case in his two enormous notebooks. He then confirmed that the money had been transferred to his account with his cell phone. Our hats are off to Frank and Mark for an amazing job, very well done. None of this would have happened without you two heroes.
- Richard
First time I called Mr Hollander I was fortunate to enough to find him. I called Mr. Hollander and my life changed. He began work and gave my case the full attention it deserved and immediately my situation improved. This was not my experience with prior lawyers. He got things accomplished on it after I called him. He is a very caring man with exceptional knowledge with law. The best attorney I have ever come across. I recommend Him highly. If your in a tight spot, give him a call. He is the best.
- HB
Calling Frank Hollander was the best thing I ever did! Mr. Hollander saved my house and is a pinnacle of this community. He is an excellent communicator, timely, professional, explains things well, aggressive for clients and experienced. He has a passion for justice and truly will fight for you. This lawyer made my experience 200% better than I expected and got files when I could not get them myself and is a master of law. If you are reading this: Mr. Hollander does not advertise on cheap TV as other lawyers do so if you are reading this it because you are in a tight spot which is exactly where I used to be. I know that place of shock, turmoil and duress. This. Lawyer. Gets. Results. Don’t be on the fence and give this lawyer a call!
- Anonymous
mr hollander helped me he was so good at my legal problems now my life has changed
- Jean